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The genesis of how orile iganmu police station was burnt by thugs



There was no protest in Orile.

Angry mob(louts) who had approached the police for permission to block the road for their showlike protests, that started yesterday at the reversed side of the Badagry expressed way, after success recorded decided on a shift to widen the protest to the other half of the road where the police station is.

The DPO (Iya rainbow) being a popular tough woman with many history of hate for her “overdo” many times, took the request unnecessarily arrogant and instructed her men to stand up to the protesting mobs.

DPO orders them to leave, they decline.

DPO orders police officers to shoot directly at the protesters.

Three fall down dead with their brains bursting open immediately, while several others sustain injuries and are rushed to the hospital..

While the corpse are being taken to the morgue, some protesters see them, get angry and attack the police officers, burning the station in the process.

The two officers killed are the trigger-happy policemen that shot at the protesters.

That incident transcended to other close environ like Amukoko police station, Layeni and Ajeromi were also razed.

Where a number of protesters were lost too.

Shame on you if you peddle rumours and fake stories

While we run along with false narratives that suit our bias, we should at least pretend to be enlightened.

You can’t attack and kill peaceful protesters and not expect reprisals.

Repose to the dead young protesters.

Regrettable and sad.

Things will add up. The violence seem abnormal now because it was an uprising from peace Nation wide protests, but becomes normal even when we know the casualties of electoral violence is usually many times than this, but because it favours the politicians such violence is normal.



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